Lisa Needham is an accomplished singer, songwriter and storyteller. Most recently she could be found on stage at the Whitefire Theater Solo Fest, on February 8th, 2023 in Los Angeles performing her one-woman show My Beautiful Midlife Crisis.  Previously she premiered this same show at the Hudson Theater Solo Stars Fest to a packed house and with rave reviews on December 4th in Los Angeles. 

This past September, both she and her husband/musical partner released their new hit single and official music video and it's been gaining rave reviews. Previous to this, they performed their 2-person musical review, A Rockin’ Cabaret at The Rockwell Listening Room in Park City, UT receiving big cheers and a standing ovation. Lisa has also entertained audiences singing with the Utah Symphony and founded the women’s musical group Park City Diva’s which was awarded the ‘Key to the City’ for that endeavor. 

Lisa received her BFA in Acting & Musical Theater at Emerson College in Boston. After graduating, she moved to New York City to deepen her craft, spending the next few years studying method acting at Gately-Poole studio along with developing her 3-octave range amidst the training ground of the city's nightclubs and cabarets. 

After starting a family and working on various theatrical and musical projects for her community, Lisa used her time wisely to focus on the basics of her technique, honing her craft to develop her brand new solo show, My Beautiful Midlife Crisis to be entered into the national solo festival circuit. She’s excited to get back on stage to tell her story at the Whitefire Theater SoloFest in LA on February 8, 2023. 

Keep your eyes open for Lisa and her husband/musical parter's release of their upcoming NEW SINGLE, Forgiveness, followed by an OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO coming out in February. (click on her MUSIC link above)